This Vibrofit Massage Plate has been designed for use by individuals both commercially and in the home. The Vibrofit’s main benefit is to condense a one hour personal workout into just 10 minutes. The vibrations which are generated produce a whole body workout, by penetrating the muscles causing them to contract and relax thus increasing muscle tone and flexibility whilst combating cellulite.

  • Robust Design - 1000watt Motor
  • 1 - 50 Speed Levels
  • Simple Design - Easy to Operate
  • Electronic Digital Control Panel
  • 3 Pre-set Programs
  • Body Mass Index Calculator
  • Easily Manoeuvrable

Vibration Plates are known to use ‘Fast Twitch’ muscles and not the larger muscles which are used in traditional exercise regimes. The most important fact about these muscles is that they use fat deposits for their energy and not sugar. After a conventional workout you feel hungry and therefore, eat, replacing sugars and more calories thus causing weight gain. However, the ‘Fast Twitch’ muscles burn up fat deposits and do not make you feel hungry, so when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet the Vibrofit Massage Plate helps to stimulate weight loss!
Weight loss is not the only area helped by this unit, there are many other
advantages, which can be tailored to the individual:-

Aids weight loss when consuming your correct calorie intake.
(10 minutes equivalent to a 1 hour workout!)
Tones & re-shapes body
Reduces cellulite
Promotes the bones/muscles to increase their
natural strength & density
Increases blood circulation & lymphatic drainage
Help improve whole body flexibility
Lowers stress levels
Improves posture
Speeds up recovery of sporting injuries
Full workout plan included

Size: L 760mm, W 670mm, H 1175mm. Weight 35kg


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